January 4, the day…

…I started to….

  1. eat champorado and/or mashed veggies for lunch
  2. talk like my niece when she was 3 years old
  3. smile like a dog

… I stopped …

  1. eating ate neneng’s pork chop
  2. munching potato chips and other junkie stuff
  3. buying popcorn

A day forvever etched in my mind because that was the day I bravely sat on a dentist’s chair, hoping (as in) that I did not sacrifice one of my bicuspids in vain. The day I got my dental braces.


Dentist A : A baby tooth? At your age? Amazing… but we have to do something about it. Like, extract it. Then maybe…

Dentist B: Your gumline and teeth don’t match. You even have a supernumerary. What did your mother gave you while you were still a kid? Sumobra ata ang calcium and flouride intake mo. Hehehehe!

Dentist C: Tsk. tsk. Off-centered and crooked… unlike your sisters’.

My reaction to all these: Deadma. As if I care. So what? Di naman ako mamamatay dahil dyan.  UNTIL the dentist of my younger sister had a good look at my teeth and said the magic words “… possible loss of…” Huh?! Time stopped, I researched, called friends, gathered my resources, bundled up my courage…


Now im totally deprived of crispy and chewy food! Im getting thinner. Feels uncomfortable whenever i talk, masakit nga minsan. I talk funny. I even look funny. (And its not funny!)

tene-nene-neeeng- tenene-nenenene-nene- nene-neeeng — dear ate helen...

Bitter lang talaga ako kasi dinner ni housemate #1 ay pork chop — seasoned and fried to perfection. Akin, tuna flakes na naman. Di biro ‘to, ate helen. Hinde… INGGIT na INGGIT akooo!