My pretty younger sister is getting married next year. She’s really excited about it. Lately, we rarely talk about anything else except wedding gowns, cakes, the entourage and the invites. Being the certified ‘artist’ in the family (ehem… therefore the one with good taste), I am always consulted about “what’s the best” color, shape, cut, form, design, etc.


I love weddings no matter how melodramatic. I usually hate mushy moments and stuff but I can tolerate these during weddings. Not that I am a great sucker for happy endings (honestly, I am) but these heavy drama moments are always ‘neutralized’ with wedding glitches. Yes, glitches. Snags. I love them. Examples: The mother of the bride, sexy diva in her 20K gown, turned into a clown after shedding titanic tears (methinks she forgot about the mascara). The doves crash-landed on top of the wedding cake after being freed (read: thrown) by the bride and groom. The cute flower girl ate the flowers she was supposed scatter along the aisle. The wedding photographer fell in the pool while taking pictures of the bride. What’s so memorable about weddings anyway without those unchoreographed comedy moments? Wicked….hehehe.


Honestly, I kinda dread my sister’s big day. Every time I think about it, paranoia sets in. It is because I KNOW I will be besieged with questions headed with WHYs? Why aren’t you married yet? Why still single? Why no boyfriend? Yaaaah!

Aside from asking uncomfortable questions, some will (a) try their hands on matchmaking (thank you but I can find my own man); (b) give me some come-hither dresses and make-up kits later (duh…thank you but I love my comfy get-up); (c) brainwash me the drawbacks of staying single (thank you for the advice, albeit unsolicited; I will start my wedding preps as soon as I meet The One, you bet). I know. I know. I know. I just can imagine what will happen during the reception.

I sincerely hope that my younger sister’s wedding will not turn into one big nightmare for me. I hope that people will not pester me with questions and advices. I hope that they will just allow me to enjoy the wedding. To be happy for my pretty sister and her prince charming. To laugh at the glitches. To cajole the photographers to take pictures of me. To eat the icing off the wedding cake. To catch the bouquet.


Paranoia aside, I am truly wonderfully challenged with all the wedding preps. Even though I sometimes find it tiring, I still find excitement in assisting and indulging my younger sister. She wanted a fairytale wedding (yeah, I know LA Gun is in the tropics, but come on, its her dream wedding). Let me see, fairytale gowns, fairytale invites, fairytale wedding cake, fairytale shoes, fairytale giveaways, fairytale car, fairytale hairstyle . . .

Liguified has a fabulous older sister who got married 7 years ago to an equally fabulous guy. She helped prepare the wedding (as the Maid of Honor) and survived it.

Liguified had graciously declined from being the Maid of Honor of the upcoming wedding for logical, self-preserving reasons. Said she will be contented standing (or seating) behind a column or a huge flower pot. Out of sight, out of topic… right?