Ok, this is four days late. I know this may sound cliche(ish), but i will still unbashedly declare “better late than never” : Happy birthday Reefer Girl! Welcome to the club of 30-something Gals.

Reefer Girl a.k.a Claire the Cat here is a multi-talented person. She can dance, sing, act and draw. Pwedeng pang That’s Entertainment. Pramis. And she’s not your ordinary fashionista. Keringkeri nya ang iba’t ibang styles and burloloys – from Manny Paquiao inspired boots to Malaysian silver earrings (so if you have some queries about fashion trulala, just ask her and Johnny Glamour). She’s into yoga, odissi and dark-kholed eyes. So I think she’s an Indian in her past life. Like me, she dreams of visiting Angkor Wat someday.