Things I have accomplished today:

1. Finished checking 8 sets of Rendering plates.
2. Completed my curriculum vitae for AY 2007-2008 renewal.
3. Received the final design plates of my Design Studio class.
4. Reviewed 6 thesis manuscripts.

I have accomplished all these with a smile in my face (no joke). Mind you, no hair pulling happened over plates obviously done with limited or no effort (I just calmly marked them 5.00/fail). I didn’t hyperventilate over late submittals (applause! applause!). Though there was a slight glitch while I was doing my resume, I was able to submit it before 4pm (I couldn’t remember my committee memberships 2 years ago). And here’s an ultimate nutcracker, I have unflinchingly approved ALL thesis manuscripts that were submitted to me for review (hooray!).

Methinks, sluggish wicked witch is hibernating.