whales.jpgI have to postpone my Kuala Lumpur (and Penang) travel this year because of the allure of a more exotic destination — Donsol. The clear coastal waters of this town are the banquet hall of the largest fish in the world, the whale sharks. And to swim with these gentle giants is one marine animal encounter that I have been dreaming of. It is the Best according to Time Magazine (2004), yet it is something that most people may never experience. Another highlight in Donsol that I will surely watch is the firefly ‘convergence’ by the town river (hopefully, dili ko makahilak). I may also visit Ticao Pass to view another natural assemblage of fleeting giants, the manta rays.

Official whale-watching season starts from February and runs until May. The annual Butanding Festival is on April. Since I don’t like crowds, I will schedule my travel around May. Legaspi City or Sorsogon City may be the jump-off point. A boat rental accommodating 5-7 persons costs around Php 2,500 (approx. USD52.00).

Now who wants to go with me?

photo courtesy of wowphilippines