All bullies are cowards. You fight back and they’ll cave in. That’s why I’ve always been a fighter.” – Gracious Olive Riley

Olive Riley was born in Broken Hill, a mining town at the heart of Australia on the twentieth day of October eighteen ninety-nine. Yup, eighteen ninety-nine, just a year after the proclamation and establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Now, at 107, Olive still swims with her great-great grandkids, drinks shandies and remembers her early life in the mining town.

Pero kahit ganyan sya katanda, di pa rin nagpapahuli si lola… she has her own blog, with the help of her good friend Mike. Olive is the oldest blogger in the whole blogosphere! Her blog, Life of Riley, albeit relatively young, has already attracted thousands of visitors from all over.

By the way, thanks Tricky Trix for introducing me to Olive’s “blob”. How’s life there in Oman?