Earlier this year, I listed down my plans for 2007. At eto ang mga nangyari sa mga plano ko:

Travel aboard: My Malaysian summer adventure was cancelled because my travel buddies, Reefer Girl and Bisdak, had to teach summer classes. My birthday trip to Schenzen, China with my sister did not materialize either last august.

Contact old friends. Having a Friendster account helped a lot. 🙂

Paint. I now have 3 unfinished works.

Submit a research proposal. A grant was given to me to study vernacular architecture, a topic that greatly interests me. I say it was a rare opportunity since it was just offered to me; I did not make any proposal, etc. 🙂

Religiously pay my coop monthly dues. Thanks to my loving and ever generous mom, I was able to pay my dues every month. 😉

Laugh often. This was the easiest thing to do in the list because I have friends who never fail to cheer me up even during trying times. Besides mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko.

Wear a girlaloo skirt in school (at least once a week). This once-a-week plan turned into once-a-month thing. Well, not bad, at least I made an effort to wear skirt in my non skirt friendly world. 😉