Last month, Reefer Girl has tagged me to write seven random things about myself, along with my buddies musified macho and arkitrix.. Since this is the very first time that someone has actually tagged me, i have decided to respond. Here goes:

1. I don’t/couldn’t watch horror movies. Blame it on the 1973 classic ‘The Exorcist’. I was 7 or 8 years old when i watched the movie (mid 80’s). Linda Blaire levitating from her bed scared me so much that i had horrible nightmares for months. Apparently, the experience made me shun horror movies, Shake- Rattle- and -Roll included.

2. I had been a serious, honest to goodness school choir member. It is quite unbelievable that for six years, I had been hitting notes (ok, tried) and memorizing lyrics. Nya! I stopped singing when I got interested with baseball.

3. My first nickname is Gingging. Now you know.

4. I taught myself how to bake cakes and pastries. I was 10 or 11 years old when I stumbled upon my elder sister’s notes and books on baking and saw an outlet for my (then) inquisitive mind. Looking back, I wasn’t really interested in learning how to bake a cake per se, but rather, I wanted to conduct stage scientific experiments. I fancied myself then as the young Marie Curie – our kitchen became my science laboratory with the cake ingredients as chemicals that should be studied and processed to produce a new chemical compound. Good thing that the ‘compounds’ were edible.

5. My upper right canine is not permanent but a rather tenacious baby tooth. This is the reason why I have endure at least 16 months of orthodontic braces.

6. I collect sands. The finest and whitest sand I have in my collection came from Panglao Island. The sands from Boracay and Isla Reta are pretty much the same.

7. I was a JS Prom anomaly. Wearing royal blue princess-cut gown with matching stilletoes, I looked like a fine specimen of a student on her all-important highschool prom. But instead of doing what most teenagers normally do during their prom night, I holed myself in the restroom playing Tetris a.k.a. Brickgame. Hey, I can think of someone worse – that person who brought that Brickgame to the prom (I just borrowed it from her).