Why don’t you write something about art and architecture, things that you are really passionate about? Or perhaps about your infamous hobby: dreaming of places that you want to visit?” A friend suggested these to me while I whined and whined about having nothing to write in my blog. I hate to admit it but my months of hiatus in the blogsphere has nothing to do with my tight schedule, as my housemates would readily attest. I just could not think of things to write about these past months.

After surfing through A Daily Dose of Architecture and Wine Traveler I realized that my friend’s suggestions do have some merit. Architecture makes an interesting subject, as well as travel and food. Why not feature structures and gadgets I fancy? Designers that inspire me?  Places I have always dreamed of visiting and my cooking adventures? Anything, anything other than my usual boring, whine-whine stuff.

Another friend suggested that I could also feature websites and get paid handsomely (ohhh!). Blogsvertise.com has this type of website promotion.

So Reefer Girl, Musified Macho and Bisdak, watch out!