Remember that you are mortal.

What if you only had a year to live?
What would you do?
How will you spend it?
What would be important?
What would matter?
Where would you rather be?


From time to time it pays to be reminded of ones mortality; in my case, my OWN mortality. It places things in order. Forces you to THINK of things that really matter. To SEIZE things that really matter. A welcome paradigm shift on how you view things, places, people and situations. In the end, it simplify things in your life; helps you remove all the emotional clutter and physical clap-trap; decisions are way easier concluded. It makes you braver to venture out of your comfort zone. It brings you courage to not only seize the day but also the world (Horace, I need to add the “world” to your carpe diem). In a way, it channels your thoughts to things positive; to happily wallow on what is now and to be excited of what will happen in the future.

Some people may find this paradigm a brunt of selfishness, but hey, this is your time, your life and your mortality.