I will be going home to Iligan City next week. Since I will be spending most of the time there these coming months, I have decided to give up my space near the university to save money.

Moving back to my hometown also means moving my THINGS from Davao to Iligan. Yup, things of a packrat. Imagine, I still have those class notes and all the fru-frus from college (more than 10 years ago) somewhere in my room. Add that to these: I went through an Imeldefic stage a couple of years ago, I have this crazy love affair with books and magazines, and my wardrobe has a serious personality disorder. Ahhh, thank God I did not buy furniture sets!

* * * *

My father will definitely go ballistic if I ship ALL my things back home. I guess, I really have to go through my things and decide which goes to the garbage can and which to pack. Ugh, I foresee a long, grave battle between sentiment and pragmatism ahead.