I have this seen this exotic fruit in supermarkets before but it is only quite recently that I have actually tasted it. My verdict: the new fruit of the gods! Sorry durian lovers but dragon fruit is perfect – from its appearance to taste.

Dragon fruit’s hot pink skin is leathery and resembles dragon scales (hence the name). The juicy pulp is refreshing and subtly sweet that it is almost tasteless, and the seemingly gazillion anise-like seeds add interesting crunch to the over-all texture. For a fruit that is almost tasteless, it is surprisingly rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

It is quite expensive – a kilo costs around 200pesos, thats 4x the cost of a kilo of sweet ripe Philippine mangoes. Hmmmm, since I am fast becoming a fan of this fruit, I have to cultivate some clumps of this cactus back home.

* * * *

Jean and I added grapes in our dragon fruit shake. Wow, perfect combination! I think dragon fruit will also go well with guava, cucumber and kiwi fruit shakes.