My life has been pretty hectic since the start of my leave last november until the first week of this year. First, there was the packing frenzy and then the actual move to my hometown. Following my older sister’s suggestion, we took the loooong way home: the Davao-Agusan-Cagayan route.  Along the way, I saw several ‘skylabs’ in Compostela Valley, toured Lake Mainit in Agusan and made friends with some Mamanua weavers.

I finally arrived home (at last!) and found a very panicky younger sister and a rather chaotic house renovation. To make this story short, lets just say I survived  my sister’s wedding and I now have a new bedroom.

After the wedding, came the preparations for  Christmas and my mother’s birthday party, the reunion fever week and then the new year (in between are several bomb threats that almost paralyzed the city). And finally, on my way to Manila, I got stuck in CDO due to flooding and continuous rains.


Now I am in sister’s place in Cavite,  enjoying my hu-hum life, blue-lipped and all bundled up.