After months of taking things nice and easy, I finally faced what’s inevitable – to finally get on with the transition process that my older sister has always been talking about.

At the top of the must do’s is a review of what I had accomplished for the last 7 years. What better way to accomplish this than by reviewing my resume? So here was my plan: (1) Retrieve my resume from my portable HD. (2) Update resume.  (3) Gameover.

It was so easy… or so I thought. When my bossy older sister reviewed my ‘updated’ resume, she promptly declared it boring and uninformative. She said it did not really state what I have accomplished.

Duh?! I was really confused. I did state that I worked for blah-blah and I was the blah-blah but apparently, it did not pass her standards.  She took pity on me and advised me on what to do.

Oh, I labored for two days and nights, staring at the computer and willing my brain to remember things. And try to add and string together words and sentences that give honest and clear picture of my accomplishments.

I guess my labors paid off because, yesterday, she finally deemed my resume acceptable. It was a meticulous labor, I have to admit given that I’m a minimalist. But I’m glad that I did what she had advised me to do.

The process that I took to come up with an acceptable (by my sister’s standard) resume really opened my eyes and helped me appreciate the things I went through for the past 7 years. What’s really great is that I came to know myself better – my strengths, traits, interests  and skills (they seem vague before). And I realized that, yes, I may not be the ultimate mentor, colleague and employee nor my works were not perfect, I did accomplish some good stuff.  

Mmmmm… Im starting to think that this transition thing is a great idea. Now what’s next?