It was raining when I woke up after a mousefying night at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. It was raining when I grabbed the complimentary soap and shampoo bottles with mouse ear caps, on the way to the bathtub with mouse-print shower curtains. It was raining still while we had our breakfast at Cafe Mickey. Rain, rain, rain. 

Just when I thought we’ll have to stay at the hotel and get mousefied all over again – with all the mickey icons swathed and transformed into art deco motifs – the rain stopped. The gray clouds cleared and out came the sun. Oh, God must have loved us so much that he granted our wish – which is to have another bright sunny morning of fun at the disneyland park.

umbrellaWhile waiting for my other companions to show up at the hotel lobby, I saw this gadget standing near the door leading to the outdoor recreational area. I was totally amazed by it. Ok, it was a true ignoy moment for me. But come on, I never saw anything like it at Davao city. I must have looked silly taking picture of this wet umbrella wrap but, sheeesh, it was awe at first sight.

Two weeks ago, I searched the net for similar rainy day gadgets and found an amazing cousin of this umbrella wrap. Its a wet umbrella dryer – works much like the hand-dryers found in restrooms. I think every mall, school, office and hotel  in the country must have at least one of these near the entrance.