Liguified is …

  • thirty one years old
  • a middle child
  • a sucker for happy endings
  • a morning person
  • 5 feet 3 1/2 inches tall
  • a morena-skinned, straight-haired pinay
  • righthanded
  • a huge fan of japanese animes

She loves …

  • her family
  • sunsets and balmy late afternoons
  • reading heartwarming books
  • watching nontragic/nonhorror movies
  • bargain hunting (from books to cloths)
  • to paint
  • clean, crisp newly-laundered bedlinens
  • to pig-out with friends
  • fresh roses

She believes

  • in God
  • she is a happy person (with a bit of peter pan syndrome)

She doesn’t …

  • drink beer
  • want to stay up late
  • have a talent for dancing (my limbs wont cooperate) and singing (im tone deaf)
  • want to post her real name in this blog
  • swear (years of home training)

She wants to …

  • travel abroad
  • design her own house
  • marry The One and have kids some day (of course!)
  • meet interesting people (not necessarily famous)
  • bake cakes and pastries
  • make dollhouses
  • grow flowers and herbs

She can …

  • stitch and use a sewing machine
  • fold her tongue
  • cook

She used to be a …

  • very shy person (ask her mom)
  • choir member (surprised?)
  • gymnast (ha promise!)
  • slipper game fanatic
  • shortstop of our highschool softball team (yea!)
  • whiz kid (but never a geek)
  • Batibot fan (Ningning, Gingging, Pong, Kuya Bodjie…)
  • ‘pandakekoks’ with curly hair
  • Wonderwoman wannabe (ruffled panties and skirt wigs)

Her favorite …

  • color is crimsom (although I am also attracted to neutral colors)
  • architect is Antoni Gaudi
  • day is Thursday
  • book is To Kill a Mockingbird
  • anime is Fruits Basket
  • Justice League superhero is Batman
  • Walt Disney character is Mulan
  • TV series character is Macgyver (his first name is Angus, not Menemis)