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 It was raining when I woke up after a mousefying night at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. It was raining when I grabbed the complimentary soap and shampoo bottles with mouse ear caps, on the way to the bathtub with mouse-print shower curtains. It was raining still while we had our breakfast at Cafe Mickey. Rain, rain, rain. 

Just when I thought we’ll have to stay at the hotel and get mousefied all over again – with all the mickey icons swathed and transformed into art deco motifs – the rain stopped. The gray clouds cleared and out came the sun. Oh, God must have loved us so much that he granted our wish – which is to have another bright sunny morning of fun at the disneyland park.

umbrellaWhile waiting for my other companions to show up at the hotel lobby, I saw this gadget standing near the door leading to the outdoor recreational area. I was totally amazed by it. Ok, it was a true ignoy moment for me. But come on, I never saw anything like it at Davao city. I must have looked silly taking picture of this wet umbrella wrap but, sheeesh, it was awe at first sight.

Two weeks ago, I searched the net for similar rainy day gadgets and found an amazing cousin of this umbrella wrap. Its a wet umbrella dryer – works much like the hand-dryers found in restrooms. I think every mall, school, office and hotel  in the country must have at least one of these near the entrance.


yellow dragon fruit

Out of curiosity, I bought 2 yellow dragon fruits at NCCC Mall this morning. It cost me 54pesos – it is sold at 150pesos per kilo.

Though smaller, the yellow dragon fruit is much sweeter than the (almost tasteless) pink dragon fruit I have eaten before.dsc04655


I have this seen this exotic fruit in supermarkets before but it is only quite recently that I have actually tasted it. My verdict: the new fruit of the gods! Sorry durian lovers but dragon fruit is perfect – from its appearance to taste.

Dragon fruit’s hot pink skin is leathery and resembles dragon scales (hence the name). The juicy pulp is refreshing and subtly sweet that it is almost tasteless, and the seemingly gazillion anise-like seeds add interesting crunch to the over-all texture. For a fruit that is almost tasteless, it is surprisingly rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

It is quite expensive – a kilo costs around 200pesos, thats 4x the cost of a kilo of sweet ripe Philippine mangoes. Hmmmm, since I am fast becoming a fan of this fruit, I have to cultivate some clumps of this cactus back home.

* * * *

Jean and I added grapes in our dragon fruit shake. Wow, perfect combination! I think dragon fruit will also go well with guava, cucumber and kiwi fruit shakes.

I clearly remember KB’s drawing mania in college: him hunched in some corner of our tambayan during his free time, drawing manga-caricatures of our barkada in the org’s logbook using his trademark blue colored pencil. Methinks it was his excuse to make a serious study of Rach’s face (hehehe); they were a-courting then and KB, like any besotted buck who knows how to draw, likes to sketch his loveydovey’s visage. In his attempt to mask his drawing obsession, he went on to draw the caricatures of the rest of the gang; namely irene, net, ge, mitzi (?) and yours truly. (KB, wag kang mag-denial king dyan!)

In fairness, KB is one talented person. He made excellent manga-style caricatures of irene, rach, ge and, oh yes, net who looks like a walking-talking anime anyway then (peace!). I can’t remember mitzi’s caricature though. Anyways as you have noticed, I did not include my name in the list of KB’s drawing achievements. That is because he could not manage to create a decent manga-style caricature of yours truly, the resident bunny a.k.a sailormoon of the tambayan. In fairness again, KB did try. Again and again. But in the end, we just sort of concluded that I’m not a manga material.

* * * * *

This trip to memory lane was brought about by the latest craze in avatars – the mangatars. Manga plus avatar (ow, a fusion of Sanskrit and Nihonggo terms, how sweet!). Inspired by musified macho’s cute mangatar, I took up the challenge of creating my very own. I made two last night.

liguified's mangatar

I can’t find matching eye and hair features for my mangatar. The options are generally few; there are no options for eyebags, dark eye circles and dental braces (I was sorely tempted to twick my mangatar in adobe photoshop!). Anyways, what do you think? Still not a manga material? Or should I just stick to realism?

Create your own mangatar at Have fun!

My younger sister is getting married (to a wonderful guy) this December. The couple wanted their invites to have those funny/cutesy stick figures.  They prefer personalized contemporary invites rather than those traditional ones. Since I promised her that I will be in charge of their invitation cards (months before they told me what they wanted), I was left with no choice but to summon that illusive creative juice I have. It has been a while since have I drawn stick figures (and their derivatives).

I prepared a ‘cutesy’ booklet type of invitation. Here’s a sample of one of the pages:

My sister and her future-hubby said that they love it. wehehehe.

Drawing Day 2008

im not an american. i’m miles and miles away from that glittering theater. i can’t vote for him. all i could do is to cheer for him from my humble living room.

for me, david cook is the most innovative singer among the 12 idol contestants. i was so frustrated after the judges’ comments came out last night. i thought those comments would sway many votes for the other david. but thank goodness, the cook won. yeah, david archuleta has a nice cool voice but sorry his voice is not fit for long play.

this morning, i saw my all-time season 7 favorite, micheal johns, perform. too bad he got eliminated early. but geez, i can’ wait to buy his first album.

note to pinoy idol judges: pwede ba kayong mas spontaneous sa comments nyo? masyadong coordinated, parang may script.

avatar_poster2.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I borrowed Bisdak’s dvd copy of Avatar: The Last Airbender to relieve myself of chronic weekend ennui. Verdict: I love it! This Nickelodeon animated series is so interesting that I did nothing but watched Books 1 to 3 non-stop for two days.

Being an anime fan, I was a bit surprised that a non-asian production could actually churn a wonderful pan-asian series like that. Of course there were ‘duh’ moments (some american teenager stuff that seem odd in an asian-inspired world of martial arts and elemental magic) especially in the latter episodes, but who cares? I highly recommend this series to all my buddies who love animes as well as anime-inspired films.

*pictures extracted from avatar portal

500 years of female portraits. Wow…

by eggman913

The groom carries an evil-looking knife and the bride has her fingers crossed. What do you think is the story behind this photo?

a) a freaky shotgun marriage
b) the groom is after the bride’s money
c) the priest forgot the date of the wedding
d) the guy with the knife is not the groom- he is the bride’s boyfriend!

Funny Pictures

From: Funny Videos

I love weddings!

Oooowwww. Red pandas are sooo cute. I want one! Its like having a puppy-kitty-bearcub-babymonkey as pet.

I stumbled upon in one of my forays in the etherland this morning. I just couldn’t resist to try one of its features — the face recognition; why not?…so I sent my BEST studio portrait (which was taken a couple of years ago and heavily edited, harharhar!) and a few clicks here and there….viola! … my celebrity look-alikes:

Achinoam Nini is a Israel’s leading international concert and recording artist. Her family is originally from Yemen.

Ricki Lake is an American actress and a tabloid talk show host.

Ricky Ullman is best known for playing Phil Diffy, the main character in the Disney Channel television series Phil of the Future. He was born in Israel to Jewish parents.

Demi Moore is THE American Demi Moore of the Ghost and Charlie’s Angel movies. This is a surprise… a wonderful surprise.

Miriam Yeung, my only asian look-alike, is a Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer.

Julia Roberts, the quintessential Pretty Woman,has been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” a record-setting ten times. Whhooow!

Christina Applegate is Courtney Rockcliffe of the Sweetest Thing (co-starred with Cameron Diaz) Christina is half Russian.

Bridget Moynahan is an American model and actress of Irish descent. Maxim magazine named her #96 on their 2006 Hot 100 List.

I’ve always believed that I’m a hands-down Asian looking Pinay. Lo! my celebrity look-alikes are from all over…Ok, ok next time, I will send my latest, unedited picture… 🙂

Try nyo rin, nakakatuwa.

Thanks to Reefer Girl, I was able to watch the first 9 episodes of Heroes. Gosh, I’m totally hooked. I have to must watch the rest of the episodes.

My fave hero is Hiro Nakamura, the teleporter japanese geek. He is way funny! I love him (I’m a sucker for happy characters). His sidekick, Ando Masahashi, is also funny. I salute to the maker of these two endearing characters, Tim Kring. Congratulations to Masi Oka (Hiro) and James Kyson Lee (Ando)!

Go, go super Hiro!

check Heroes

“Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world” – from The Secret Lives of Men and Women

click here

Is this a necklace or a collar?

liz-clay-1.jpgThis nakakaaliw handfelted flower-and-pearlbead neckpiece is part of Liz Clay‘s exquisite collection of boas, scarves, wraps and accessories.

Ang ganda no? Check her site for more beautiful aliw stuff.

Hay, type ko talagang magsuot ng mga ganito pero di talaga keri ang mga ito sa pinas … the temperature and humidity my dears. Anyways, nakakaaliw no?

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