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My annual cartwheel test started during one of my college org’s outing. Somebody dared me to execute a cartwheel – so i did and suffered a painful muscle strain. I realized then that I have been neglecting my poor muscles for so long and, Im not getting younger. So after the pain subsided, I promised myself to do a cartwheel at least once a year just to have a goal – something to remind me to exercise and stretch now and then.


We had a short spell of dry season this year. So short that the mangoes in the yard did not have a chance to bloom fully. But looking at the brighter side, the lawn did not turn brown and dusty which normally happens here in Cavite during long summer months. Instead, the lawn remain lush and very green.


The dry spell, albiet short, was very hot. To combat prickly heat and summer blues, my niece and nephew took a plunge in a tub of cool water. The tub may be small but the fun was great.

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Ang blog na ito ay para sa mga taong miss na miss na ako at sa mga walang magawa sa buhay kundi magbasa ng blogs. Paalala lang, sa mga taong kilala si ako, pwedeng magpost ng kahit anong comments basta 'wag nyo lang ibuking na ako ay si .... darna.
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